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Dry Rot

If you look up at your roof eves and see water stains or even worse, water damaged wood (dry rot) then your roof is leaking and you need some level of repair done. People have the miss-conception that the dry rot is the problem and if we just replace that the issue goes away, but what they don’t want to understand is that this is just one of the symptoms of a problematic roof.

Attic Damage

Of course if there is dry rot in your roof eves the next stage would be to inspect interior dry wall for damage. If the damage has made it that far you are going to want to double check your attic insulation for possible damage. The longer a roof is left leaking, the more damage will be cause and the costlier the repair will be.


If your tiles in the valley's of your roof come all the way together and are touching, you already a problem which will likely become a serious maintenance issue within the first 8 to 15 yrs of your roof's life.

House Design

These days houses are designed to look super cool but unfortunately, they are not always built to work very well.

With sharp roof-to-wall flashings and several small hips and cuts, a very experienced roofer hired to fix these issues can become very costly.

Tree's and Foliage

Trees and foliage can cause your valley's to clog and back up your rain gutters.The key to a properly preforming tile roof is WATER FLOW and water flow is our specialty. Getting water off of your tile roof as fast as you can and onto the ground is the key to a healthy tile roof.

Properly cleaned and serviced roof flashings are a major part of our service. Water staining on stucco walls and moss growing means, in a many cases, improper water flow. Broken or missing tile is and obvious thing to look for and in most cases hard to miss. So check every season and make sure your valleys are clear and your tile aren't broken.


First and foremost we expose the wood sub-straight above existing water damaged wood areas to see the extend of the damaged area.
Then we trace down the water source to find out where it your leak is and remove any damaged vapor barrier. Next we properly repair the issue weather it may be a broken tile or a water blockage, we guarantee a fix.
We remove the tile from your valleys, remove all debris, and replace water damaged vapor barrier as needed. Adjust the valley metal and flashings as needed and then rebuild your valleys.
After the valley has been re-built then we go ahead with a 1.5 inch to 2 inch cut in the valley to ensure proper water flow in the future. We do the same processes with roof to wall flashings, chimney flashing etc.
Part of our service is to cut back foliage and trees as needed from the roof top to slow down debris from continuing to clog water ways and create moisture that causes water damaged wood. we also remove debris from gutter systems to insure proper water flow
obviously broken, slipped or missing tile are repaired and replace as part of our services.
Tile roofs are notorious for moss and algae accumulating, specifically on North facing hips or gables so as an added service we pressure wash and treat this issue. In most cases this brings the tile back to looking bright and new again.
Although in a lot of cases cleaning your tile roof can solve some of your existing problems, power washing (esthetics) brings the final tour to what will be the best investment in your home, your roof! When it comes to your home, everything starts at the top!